The staff of The Ba Sing Se Times at Avatar Wiki invites you to join us for the next issue. Write your own article today! 

Possible articles topics you can write about include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Any thoughtful opinions about the Avatar animated series.

- Anything pertaining to community life in Avatar Wiki's mainspace or fanon portal.
- Updates on comics, trivia, video games, or other new content from the Avatar franchise.
- A review of a comic, fanon (fanfiction), or other published works pertaining to Avatar. 
- Introducing new ideas for Avatar Wiki such as user activities or, if your column is interactive, garnering support from users. 
- Introducing your new fanon or usergroup 

In general, you're free to talk about anything related to Avatar in some way, so long as it adheres to Avatar Wiki's policies. Some article guidelines you must consider, however, are:

1) Please make sure your article is well thought-out and is long enough to be considered a column in the newsletter, not one or two paragraphs.

2) Display adequate knowledge of grammar.

3) Do not belittle or insult other users, or write anything that could be offensive.

*Be sure to include your username in the submission form as it appears on Avatar Wiki so that the editor may contact you to inform you of your article's eligibility to be featured in the community newsletter.

Happy writing!